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What would you be on your list of the top 250 films?

If you look at a list of the 250 best films of the 21'st Century, you'll be pleased to see that Wong Kar Wei's In the Mood for Love sits at the top.

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Director's Choice: Luc Besson. Style & substance

I wish that Luc Besson would make more movies. Not that he isn't, it's just that in recent years he's exchanged his Director's cap for that of Producer.

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Movie buff corner: Documentaries the new frontier

For a film to be eligible for an Oscar nomination, it has to have a theatrical release, and this fact, more than any other, has...

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Lars and the Real Girl Review

Ryan Gosling (THE NOTEBOOK, HALF NELSON) shines as Lars, the conflicted bachelor who is unable to come close to women.

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Want a little more? Series- take your pick

Have you ever imagined in that you're special, and that you're here on Earth for a reason?

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World Cinema. Read any good movies lately?

Reading sub-titles can be a turn-off, but the rich variety of experience that opens to you when you watch foreign films is refreshingly different to the standard fare served up by Hollywood.

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I am Legend

Manhattan, once home to millions is now sanctuary for one, as Robert Neville (Will Smith) finds himself being, as far as he knows, the last surviving human on the island.

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Tell No One (Ne le dis a personne)

Yes it's French, and yes it's subtitled, but that doesn't mean that it's not one of the best thrillers to come around in years.

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3:10 To Yuma

Westerns are one of those genres you either love or hate. They're also a genre which has been in somewhat of a recession of late, but...

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Brilliantly adapted from the best-selling book by Ian McEwan, Atonement is an intriguing and original romantic drama.

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