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The Bourne Ultimatum Now In Store

A sequel to The Bourne Supremacy and the third film of the Bourne Trilogy, it stars Matt Damonamnesiac CIA assassin Jason Bourne.

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Last months Top Ten American DVD rentals

If you were to guess which film held the top spot for December 2007 you'd probably say The Bourne Ultimatum, and you'd be right. This non-stop action thriller neatly rounds

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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Your choice

Tommy Lee Jones' Oscar nominated performance in this heavy-handed film by Paul Haggis of Crash fame, takes us into the twisted psyche of American soldiers in the new millenium.

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Director's Choice: Steven Soderbergh

Soderbergh started making Super 8 films at high school, which either means that you're a young genius with a great future, or trying to impress

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Movie buff corner: Bringing film noir into the light

It's probably the most misunderstood of the film genres, and properly speaking, it doesn't really fit into the definition of a 'genre' at all.

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Movie buff corner: Franchises, the art of the sequel.

Do you ever get that feeling as the end-credits roll that you don't want the movie to end? Welcome to the sequel. Or in Hollywood-speak: "The Franchise".

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Time on your hands? Curl up with a series

HBO crime drama series. Peabody award-winning series set in Baltimore, Maryland, gets beneath the skin of big city life.

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Cult Movies: "Are you guys having a killer time?"

If you look for recently made cult movies, you won't find them. Why? Cult movies take time to achieve cult status.

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Director's Choice: Joel and Ethan Coen take it home

Joel and Ethan Coen are no strangers to the Academy Awards. The low budget 1996 thriller Fargo garnered them seven nominations and two wins.

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Picking winners? Hindsight is twenty-twenty

It's interesting looking back on past Oscar winners, and with the benefit of hindsight asking the question, "Did the Academy make the right choice?"

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