Rosamunde Pilcher


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  • Cast: Tom Conti, Frank Finlay, Perdita Weeks
  • Director: Giles Foster
  • Producer:
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Age: PG 13
  • Genre: TV SERIES
  • Media Type: DVD
  • Languages: English


Summer: Endellion! Crown of Cornwall's rugged coast, the magnificent country estate is home to the Combes - a noble family with more than one secret lurking behind its ancient walls. Patriarch Alex reigns over the estate with a laissez-faire mildness that infuriates his eldest son Stephen, a high-powered financier, but perfectly suits his younger, more relaxed son Charles. After many years of unruffled tranquility, life at Endellion is about to enter a turbulent new phase. Julia Combe, Stephen's ex-wife and the family outcast, loses Max, her great love, in an airplane crash. Before his death, he had urged her to make peace with her family: "We all need to face our past. So we can get on with our future." The time has come, and Julia braces herself for her return to Endellion...

Years ago, Julia had been forced to leave Endellion - and her teenage daughter Charlotte - as the result of a scandal orchestrated by Stephen. Shortly thereafter, Charlotte gave birth to a girl, Abby, and then took her life, without revealing the identity of Abby's father. All contact between Julia and the Combes was severed. But Julia has never forgiven herself for not having been able to help her daughter. It is Abby, however, who takes the first steps toward Julia. The lively, independent-minded young woman wants to clear up the mystery of her past. It is the hesitant beginning of a rapprochement of the two women, who will both have to cope with the diabolical intrigues of Stephen - and with their own budding romances in the halls and parks of Endellion...

Autumn: As the leaves in Endellion's lush park begin to fall, so do the barriers between Julia and her granddaughter Abby, as well as between Julia and Charles. The gentle Charles proves to be a knight in shining armor for Julia when Stephen tries to banish her from her cottage on the Endellion property. Standing up to his brother, he fights for Julia - and acknowledges his feelings for her. Though fearing negative reactions from the family, Julia reciprocates his love. Stephen is incensed and, after repudiating his brother, forces his granddaughter Abby to choose between him and Julia. Having previously rejected his offer of a trust fund, she now breaks for good with her grandfather. Her troubles are far from over, however, since she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with the girlfriend of Tom, the handsome, dashing stud farm manager. Their plight brings them together, closer than either wants to admit at first... Meanwhile, Julia finds a clue hinting at the possibility that her daughter Charlotte - Abby's mother - might still be alive! Resolved to leave no stone unturned, Julia begins to investigate into Charlotte's disappearance one winter, long ago...

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